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From humble beginnings in 2005, whilst recovering from a near fatal skydiving accident, Mr Johnny Vozzo invented a rear opening skydiving helmet called the "Bucket".

After more than a decade of research and development he is pleased and honoured to announce the release of his revolutionary motorcycling helmet.

Locally designed in Australia, the helmet is a tri-composite construction that delivers a ride with no buffeting, no chin strap, no vision impairment, no neck compression and no neck restriction issues.

The VOZZ helmet is a full face, rear access, dual locking helmet. The mechanics of the system are globally patented and is referred to as the Voztec system.

It has an emergency safety release system and fully adjustable chin cup that replaces the old-fashioned chinstrap. Both features significantly improve the safety of full face helmets by allowing medical personnel access in case of an accident and avoiding strap creep as well as allowing the lower edge of the helmet to be rolled producing a helmet with fewer snag points.



Vozz Helmets are looking for interested parties to consider a license of its Voztec System Technology in other industries such as skiing, horse riding or other extreme sports.

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Are you interested in becoming an authorized Vozz distributor?

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