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Vozz has developed multiple shell sizes and also EPS liners to ensure the best possible fit to the end user. With a combination of 3 shell sizes and 3 EPS liners and multiple comfort liners the fit will be second to none. Now you will have a helmet that actually fits your head size rather than different thickness of comfort padding being used to ensure a correct fit.

INTERIOR CIRCUMFERENCE (METRIC) 53-54 55-56 57-58 58-59 60-61 62-63
INTERIOR CIRCUMFERENCE (IMPERIAL) 21 21 ¾ 22 23 23 23 ¾ 24 ½
53-54 55-56 57-58 58-59 60-61 62-63
21 213/4 222/3 23 233/4 24 1/2

Although we recommend replacing your helmet every 3-5 years, (depending on its wear and condition), the build up of sweat, the effects of humidity and dirt particles can deteriorate the comfort padding materials and may cause odour, and subsequently shorten the longevity of your helmet.

To clean your helmet NEVER USE HOT WATER or any solvents including benzene, gasoline, glass cleaners or any other cleaners that are not recommended. Your helmet can sustain serious damage through the use of solvents and though it may not appear to show any apparent damage it can compromise your helmet's ability to provide adequate protection to the head in the event of an accident. Though not visible, this deterioration of your helmet caused by harsh solvents could lead to serious injury or death.

The correct way to maintain your helmet is to first remove the cheek pads taking care not to damage the fasteners. Use a cold damp, soft cotton cloth and gently dab all areas of the liners that need attention, then repeat the process with a dry, clean soft cotton cloth or rag. After the cleaning process, open your helmet and leave in a well-ventilated area to fully dry. Do not leave in direct sunlight to dry. Be sure to replace the cheek pads back to their original position before use making, sure they are properly fastened. You are now ready to ride.

What does the warranty on my VOZZ helmet cover ^
Refer to warranty on VOZZ website
What is the DOT standard? ^
A helmet safety standard that covers North America.
What is the ECE Standard? ^
A helmet safety standard that covers Europe and Australia.
What is the AS/NZ Standard? ^
A helmet safety standard that covers Australia and New Zealand.
Is the Helmet certified in other jurisdictions? ^
Only the above 3 standards at present, however SG/JIS to follow
How do I adjust my Chin Cup? ^
Refer to web site in both the user manual and also supporting videos.
What happens if I activate the Safety Release System accidentally? ^
This cannot happen as hinge pin screws are recessed below rubber cover button
Where can I purchase parts for my VOZZ helmet? ^
Can I check the Safety Release System works before I ride? ^
No, this has been checked during and after assembly at the factory, removing the SRS system will void your warranty and should only be removed if required after incident.
Does VOZZ offer any type of racer support program? ^
Yes, we do please contact via;
How can I be sure that my helmet fits properly? ^
Please refer to user manual on the web site for correct fitting procedure.
Where can I purchase a VOZZ helmet? ^
Online At or at our Frenchs Forest Showroom at Building 3, 49 Frenchs Forest Road East ,Frenchs Forest NSW 2086
How can I tell what model VOZZ helmet I have? ^
This will be on the carton and also the Visor Film which is to be removed before use.
Where can I get a copy of the manual for my VOZZ helmet? ^
You can find it here.
Does VOZZ offer any type of impact inspection service? ^
Yes, we can if required at Building 3, 49 Frenchs Forest Road East, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086
Where can I find the Production Date of my VOZZ helmet? ^
On the inside of the comfort liner.
Is there any difference between a helmet for the North American market and one made for Europe or Asia? ^
Yes the testing procedures are different and European helmets are generally lighter due to not having to pass a penetration test
How much does the VOZZ R.S 1.0 weigh? ^
The VOZZ R.S. 1.0 in Medium Shell Size weighs 1680 grams for ECE and 1780 grams for DOT and AS/NZ certification.
What is the price of the VOZZ Helmet? ^
The VOZZ helmet is $888 AUD which includes a helmet bag and an extra 80% tinted visor.
Can I use other visor brands? ^

The Visor is not a standard visor and is made only for a VOZZ helmet.

Crash testing results, what are they? ^

They are the both the standards testing ECE, DOT and AS/NZ and also independent tests carried out by bodies like Crash Lab (Australia) and Sharp in the UK.

Do you do product tests? ^

You are able to test out the helmet at certified VOZZ dealers.

Do you have a pin lock visor? ^

The VOZZ visor does not have a pin lock system. We have tested the helmet in the UK at -2°c and the results were positive, with little fogging only when stopped for extended periods. Pin lock is not required as the chin bar is approx. 1.5 inches longer than other lids therefore moving the visor further away from nose and mouth. This gives the hot and moist air more time to dissipate prior to contacting the visor. The visor also has an anti-fog, anti-scratch treatment which works well. There are also large holes from the chin bar vent to the mouth region and air is also directed upwards to the internal surface of the visor through the chin bar liner vent system.

Do you have results showing the helmet will not come apart? ^

The helmet has passed 3 certifications for 18 sizes in total ECE, DOT and AS/NZ and has not failed, additional in house testing has been carried out without failure

Have you tested the helmet in speeds of 200 miles/hour? ^

Yes, the helmet has been tested at Philip Island 320 KPH and Eastern Creek 280 KPH

When will you be announcing dealers? ^

We will firstly be announcing dealers in Australia and New Zealand, Europe and North America will be soon to follow

Where are your dealers? ^

We will have dealers in Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe in the next 6 months, which will soon be announced. We are locating distributors and dealers in all areas of the world, which will be established in the new year.

Why aren't you Snell approved? ^

VOZZ has not submitted RS 1.0 for Snell certification.

Why is your helmet better than any other? ^

SRS System, 98% EPS in contact with your head, adjustable chin cup and no chin strap. Aerodynamics, ease of use, directional visor stability, no buffeting, no lifting, no ear folding or neck compression when putting on or taking off, less snag points due to rolled lower edge and fits like a glove.