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In 2005 John Vozzo was working in his garage on a rear opening sky diving helmet when he met Mark Bryant.

What Mark saw was a solution to a problem he had been thinking about for a long time within the horse racing industry. A rear hinged helmet for “click together” closing instead of pull on pull off. One, which solved the problem of helmets coming off under impact and not coming off after impact. A helmet that doesn’t need a chinstrap.

And so the journey started to create the opposite of existing helmets and change the way we protect heads in high-risk situations forever.

The VOZZ helmet is a full face, rear access, dual locking helmet. The mechanics of the system are globally patented and is referred to as the Voztec system

It has an emergency safety release system and fully adjustable chin cup that replaces the old-fashioned chinstrap. Both features significantly improve the safety of full face helmets by allowing medical personnel access in case of an accident and avoiding strap creep as well as allowing the lower edge of the helmet to be rolled producing a helmet with fewer snag points.



Mark Bryant is the company’s Managing Director. With over 30 years experience in Sales and Marketing, Mr. Bryant has led the Research and Development of the technology and the commercialisation challenges of an early invention to the market ready Vozz Helmet. Mr. Bryant is now an expert and leading authority on motorcycle helmets globally.

Mr. Bryant has had various experiences with innovative businesses. He has successfully designed, developed and managed the Terrey Hills Par 3, Sydney’s only Day Night Pitch and Putt Golf Course, successfully started Kimberley Carpets Pty Ltd in Australia, a division of Cavalier Bremworth Ltd, he designed carpet ranges, set up distribution channels nationally with over 360 customers and built a brand called Kimberly Carpets from nothing to a turnover of $8M in four years. Mark has been the driving force behind the progression of the product from an idea to its current form.

As Managing Director, Mark is now a global helmet expert by virtue of the work he has done over the past 5 years.


John (or Johnny, as locally known) is a founding director. Initially fully qualified as a Motor Vehicle Panel Beater, he later studied Mechanical Engineering.

This idea to rethink full-faced helmets originated with John Vozzo through his skydiving and Mechanical Engineering skills. John has always been interested in creating and improving products and technology, especially in the motoring industry.

In the early 2000's with his garage as an ‘inventor's workshop’ John was inspired to make home made full-face rear-entry skydiving helmets in pursuit of finding a firmer fitting and more secure helmet.  He spent the early stages of the helmet up to his armpits in fibreglass and resin. Building, modifying and improving the first prototypes of the Helmet until 2012 from basic prototypes to more substantial models, and in 2010 John built a motorbike prototype helmet that could be scanned for its shape to enable the CAD process to start.

John continues to spend his time on light engineering projects and closely monitoring the company's progress, overseeing the development of Voztec Technology and VOZZ Helmets evolution.





Vozz Helmets are looking for interested parties to consider a license of its Voztec System Technology in other industries such as skiing, horse riding or other extreme sports.

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