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RS1.0 Update


The majority of VOZZ wearers love the lid and have been the source of some great feedback on function and performance. Based on this feedback, we responded by instructing the manufacturer to make some changes to the RS1.0. These functional improvements have had a positive impact on performance, however, changes to tooling for the next round of orders has meant our production schedule is now some 4 months behind our plan. Naturally we are not pleased with the delays but there is little we can do to improve the factory’s timelines.

The modifications include; a new improved comfort lining, foils either side on both locking covers, superior rubber compounds, improving seal and extraneous wind noise.  Based on this we have also been able to complete our wind-tunnel testing and our data is currently being complied.

We know you are eagerly waiting for stock to come in, however here at VOZZ we want our customers to get the highest quality product. In the end, we want to be confident you are receiving the best product we can produce.

We have used this “production pause” to continue to refine and finalise who will distribute and stock our helmets internationally. We will be announcing international distributors and dealers in the next 6 weeks on our Website and Facebook page. The RS1.0 will be available from late 2016.

We want to offer you the VOZZ experience so please understand some of our rollout challenges. Rest assured we will keep you advised where and when you can get fitted for a VOZZ Helmet.

If you have an questions please email

Thank you,

Your VOZZ team.