Emergency Helmet Removal Procedure

The following procedure must be carried out by emergency personnel only.A screwdriver is required. Scroll down to follow all steps outlined below for the safe removal of helmets.

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When the patient is positioned safely on their back, support the helmet on each side as shown.

STEP 2 of 6

Using a screwdriver, remove the top red rubber plugs on either side to expose the two hinge screws.

STEP 3 of 6

Remove both screws in an anti-clockwise direction.
The hinge is now disengaged.

STEP 4 of 6

Release lower locks by pushing red buttons as shown in an upward direction. If the locks are damaged, undo the 2 screws either side of rear shell (circled in blue), to release rear lock.

STEP 5 of 6

Slowly roll the helmet in a forward & down direction from the hinge area (do not lift) as shown by the yellow arrow – this frees the jaw from the concealed chin cup before removal.

STEP 6 of 6

Now the patients jaw is free from helmet, completely remove front shell for full access to the patient.